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Tips for Business Event Catering

Best Food Caterers In Kochi, Kerala

Are you planning your company’s next corporate event? Planning an all-day event and want to ensure your co-workers enjoy delicious food and beverages? Then we’re here to help you with all the menu you wanted. Memorable events, be it official or personal, are often defined by the delightful taste of the food. For business gatherings, impressing colleagues and clients with a delicious menu is a must-thing.

Nila Caterers, as the Best Food Caterers In Kochi, Kerala will help you make your events filled with variety menu, and the taste that you’ll always remember.

We always ensure every meetups if it’s official or corporate, big or small we will give our best.

When planning catering for business events, special attention is crucial for crafting the menu. Let’s delve into some key points that require careful consideration.

Head Counts : Ensure you have a preliminary headcount ready to share with your caterer or event planner, enabling them to initiate menu discussions promptly. It’s advisable to overestimate your headcount to accommodate last-minute attendees. In the event of an unexpected increase in attendance on the day of the function, some venues reserve the right to substitute menu items to cater to additional guests.

Meeting Themes : A beautiful meeting theme is really special, do you want to surprise your employees for a job well done? Or do you want to give a farewell to the one who worked really hard?, then setting up the theme based on that can make your employees happy. Center your menu planning around the ambiance and emotions you aim to evoke during the event. This will guide your choices effectively.

Buffet or Staff service

Consider your corporate event schedule when choosing between a self-serve buffet or a full-service wait staff for serving and clearing plates. A full-service wait staff is ideal if the focus is on the corporate speaker and you want to maximize time with attendees in their seats. Alternatively, opt for a buffet lunch if you’re looking to break up the day, providing attendees with the opportunity to mingle during the meal.

Menu Selection

Follow the below points while selecting the menu.

  • Weekday morning breakfast functions should feature coffee, tea, fruit juices, a main entrée, and two sides. Consider adding pastries to the menu for a delightful touch.
  • For lunch, plan for a 5-ounce entrée per person, complemented by two to three side dishes and a selection of two to four appetizers.
  • For dinner, consider providing three to five appetizers, a choice of soup or salad, a substantial 7-ounce main entrée, and two to three side dishes. Additionally, plan for two servings of dessert per guest to conclude the meal on a sweet note.
  • For cocktail functions that exclude dinner, aim for 10 to 15 appetizer servings per person to ensure a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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