Banquet Halls at IMA House, Cochin

IMA House, Cochin presents 10 Banquet Halls for different social events. Each of the banquet halls are spacious, well-appointed and ideal for hosting a range of social gatherings.

Our Banquet Halls are:

  • Auditorium A/C: The auditorium can accommodate 1000 pax.
  • Rooftop A/C: The Rooftop can accommodate 600 pax.
  • 3rd Floor A/C Banquet Hall can accommodate 300 pax.
  • 2nd Floor A/C Banquet Hall can accommodate 200 pax.
  • 1st Floor A/C Banquet Hall can accommodate 100 pax.
  • Chancellor A/C Hall can accommodate 50 pax.
  • A/C Board Room can accommodate 25 pax.
  • A/C Executive Room can accommodate 20 pax.
  • A/C KGMOA hall can accommodate 15 pax.
  • A/C Cabinet Hall can accommodate 10 pax.
First Floor
Auditorium1000 pax
Roof Top
Roof Top600 pax
Third Floor
Third Floor300 pax
Second Floor
Second Floor200 pax
First Floor
First Floor100 pax
Cabinet10 pax
Board Room
Board Room25 pax
Chancellor Hall
Chancellor Hall50 pax
Chancellor Hall
Executive Room50 pax